OZR Great Dane Rescue, Inc. is conducting a buy-in pursuant to Florida Statutes to raise funds to benefit our mission of rehoming and rescuing of Great Dane puppies/dogs that are medically needy, and of special needs, many being blind and deaf.
Raffle tickets are available for a suggested donation of $35 per ticket, with the purpose of the buy-in being to raise funds for OZR Great Dane Rescue’s mission of rehoming and rescuing of Great Dane puppies/dogs that are of special needs. Pursuant to Florida law, no purchase, donation or other consideration is necessary. Each minimum suggested donation of $35 per ticket will enable OZR Great Dane Rescue, Inc. to provide homes for dogs/puppies in need.
Buy-in ticket donations may be made with PayPal to OZRGDR@gmail.com, via Facebook by using the “donation” button or via messenger with the $35 per ticket suggested donation (or other donation amount, if any) being payable either (i) by credit or debit card via OZR Great Dane Rescue’s PayPal or Facebook.

OZR Great Dane Rescue, Inc. reserves the right, with or without notice, to reject any entry form that it deems to be defective, illegible, ineligible, incomplete, untimely or fraudulent, and to disqualify false entries, entries suspected of being false, illegible entries, defective entries, incomplete entries, late entries, physically altered entry forms, and entries that do not include valid or complete information, in each case in OZR Great Dane Rescue’s sole and absolute discretion. OZR Great Dane Rescue, Inc. reserves the right to disqualify any entrant whom OZR Great Dane Rescue finds or believes to have tampered with the entry process or the operation of the raffle or to have violated these rules.
Participation in the buy-in acts as each Ticket Holder’s authorization and subscription to be included in OZR Great Dane Rescue’s communications, including by email. A Ticket Holder may opt out of such communications at any time in accordance with OZR Great Dane Rescue’s opt out policy and procedure.
The odds of winning a prize will depend on the number of tickets issued. There are no minimum or maximum limits to the total number of tickets to be issued, nor is there a limit to the number of tickets that can be acquired or held by any single eligible Ticket Holder.
The drawing will take place at or about 5/31/2019, via Facebook LIVE or at such later or earlier time, date and place as OZR Great Dane Rescue may determine to the extent permitted by Applicable Law and publish on its website at ozrgreatdanerescue.org. At the drawing, the winning tickets shall be chosen blindly at random by using a third party website, Random.org. The drawing will be open to the public, but a Ticket Holder need not be present to win.