I am known as Layla like the Eric Clapton song. I am in search of a long term relationship. A little about yours truely 😍
I am big beautiful of age lady, I’m 2 yrs old. I’m very athletic with a lot of energy and looking for a mate that can keep up with my lifestyle. I am very smart and get happy when I know I’m going for some activities. I am still learning some basic commands but with patience I will catch on to them quickly.
I am a little scared of bad weather, and perfer to be held. I love to watch TV, my favorite show is Dr. Pol. I love other dogs and people too, but I bark at folks that I first meet. I’m just a talker though and mean no harm. The look on some of thier faces is priceless though lol. I will need someone with patience and experience. My last people had a lot of dogs and they didn’t pay us much mind unless we were bad. Then they were very mean and abused us. I am still scared of humans at times. But my foster dad has shown me so much love, I’m learning to trust creatures without fur.
Please consider giving me a chance, I’m a lovely gal!!!
Furever your best friend LaylaπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’•