Our Mission

OZR Great Dane Rescue will ensure longevity of proper care, a stable living environment for special needs Great Danes of all ages, and help dog adopters pay emergency veterinarian bills

Our Story

Our mission began with a blue harlequin puppy named Marshall. He came to live with our President at 4 months old. When he was purchased from his breeder, he already had 3 pacifiers in his stomach, HOD, and a form of elbow dysplasia called UAP. The Great Dane community reached out and went to great lengths to help with Marshall’s medical to make him healthy again. After Marshall was better, his owner decided to research Great Dane genetics and breeding. She realized that a lot of Great Dane puppies were bred to be defective, so the breeders could get a few show marked harlequin puppies. The defective puppies were either blind or deaf, or both. They also could have a host of other problems related to being passed two merle genes. For this reason, Marshall’s owner felt an overwhelming need to pay forward all the help Marshall was given by rescuing other Great Dane puppies that were defective due to being poorly bred and cared for.


Marshall and Zuma:

The Founders of OZR Great Dane Rescue.

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