Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Fun story… I seem to think I am able to do everything. So of course when I got in my head that while potty training Thatcher, and giving attention to 4 dogs, and keeping 3 young boys from perpetual ER visits; I also figured, why not change my kitchen sink. Rational right? This day started with real motivation. We went to Home Depot, 3 kids in tow, and bought this beautiful black sink. We measured our sink, asked all the right questions. This should be easy. MOST sinks are standard. Take mental note of that last sentence. So we get home with this sink, and we proceed to get the old sink out. My husband is awesome at surrendering his will to help me make these projects happen. The sink we bought was an over and undermount, so figured we couldn’t go wrong.

Now remember where I said MOST sinks are a standard size. That size is 33×20. Well our sink is NOT a standard it is 33×18. But to make matters worse the current sink was cut to fit in this space and the mounts were placed in the granite to accommodate this. So here’s our friend Shawn at 11pm coming to rescue us….

Unfortunately… We are now sinkless for a week. We bought a smaller sink, and possibly will need to place hypoxy pressure mounts to hold it in. The good news is, the kids all survived this ordeal unscathed thanks to our awesome babysitter Samsung TV. Shout out to Samsung TV for always showing up on time and staying till the job is finished.

All while this is going on, one of our amazing volunteers Stephanie picked up a new Foster pup. We take medically needy Danes and this girl definitely fit the bill. Graphic description and pictures below. This female puppy was born without a tale, and her vagina is connected to her anus because a piece of skin is basically missing. She needs a piece of skin grafted in-between her lady bits and her poop hole. If this isn’t done she will continue to get urinary tract infections. This hasn’t stopped her from being the cutest tailless puppy I’ve ever seen.

Now, as difficult as these 24 hours have been, this is my life we’re talking about, so if no kid stories are involved, something is wrong. So here’s a kid story. The morning after the great sink failure of 2019 I’m hanging out with the kids. Thatcher goes in the kitchen and I hear, “Mommmmmmmy, I pee!”

I turn around to look in the kitchen and this child is standing on the kitchen counter, underwear soaked, asking for help to get down.

Listen dude, you got up there yourself, now your soaked in pee, you can get yourself down. And he did manage to get down, take his underwear off, and streak through the house, leaving the counter covered in pee. The kid climbed on my kitchen counter just to pee. I’ve contacted a crime scene clean up company to disinfect the counter. Hope y’all had a good long weekend. I hate President’s Day and any other holiday that schools close for. I need my adult time.


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  1. I have to say I am still laughing t Thstcher’s antics and I remember when you posted his I gotta pee at the vets office–I had girls and thought that was hard enough but 3 boys under 6-you should get an award!

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