Foster Application

You must be 25 years of age to foster a dog. Proof of age is required at time of placement. Completion of a foster application does not guarantee approval to foster. OZRGDR reserves the right to deny any application to foster for any reason.

Are You Currently

Does anyone in your household have allergies, asthma, or any type of Blood Clotting Disorder?

Are all residents in agreement with fostering? (required)

Do You (Select All That Apply) (required)

Does Your Lease Allow Pets? (required)

Does Your Lease Have Any Breed or Weight Restrictions?

Do You Have a Fenced Yard? (required)

If Approved, I Agree to provide a copy of my lease or a statement from my LandLord stating that there are No Breed or Weight Restrictions

If Approved, I Agree to a home visit via Skype, or in person. This decision is at the Discrepancy of the Rescue (required)

Are you currently working with another Rescue as a Foster, or in the process of Adopting from another Rescue? (required)

Have you ever turned an Animal into a Shelter? (required)

Is Anyone Home During the Day? (required)

May we contact your veterinarian to obtain information on the Health Care of your Pets? (required)

Are Your Pets Current with Vaccinations? (required)

Are Your Dogs on Heartworm Prevention? (required)

Are Your Pets Microchipped? (required)

Do Your Authorize OZR Great Dane Rescue Inc to Run a Background Check on All Adults in the Home? (required)