Can you hear me, Major Tom?

I really have no idea what I’m doing here or what to write in a blog, so bare with me on my first post. 

I’m a mom of 3 young boys ages 3, 4 and 5. Two years ago I decided to start rescuing Great Danes, and some honorary Danes because I wanted to pay forward the help I received from the Great Dane community for my own dog. So far it’s been an interesting journey to say the least.

My house is never clean, my kids are misbehaved, and I’m pretty sure my husband only hangs around because I’m adorable and child support is really expensive. Truly, he mostly hangs around because he’s my best friend, partner in crime, and he supports my craziness. I think he may also love me. 

This morning has been pretty much a wash. Let me start by saying if you fill out an application for a dog at my rescue, and you accidentally clicked a wrong answer, we will call you to ask questions. We never assume that people don’t make mistakes. Which leads to my phone conversation this morning that ended in getting yelled at and hung up on. The basic conversation went like this:

Me: Hi there, you didn’t put down a vet on your application and we need to verify your dogs are up to date on shots and heartworm prevention.

Applicant: My dogs go to xyz vet.

Me: Great could you text me the vet info and we will call as soon as I get off the phone. My next question is, you checked that you have surrendered a dog to a shelter before. Could you tell me about this?

Now let me stop right here and say this isn’t an immediate disqualification. Every situation is different and not every dog is a good fit. Sometimes surrendering a dog is the best decision for a family and a dog. So to continue this conversation:

Applicant: You just hold on there. I have never surrendered a dog. I don’t know whose application you’re looking at, but I’ve adopted all my dogs from shelters and they are all well cared for (this was all being yelled at me).

Me: I understand sir, I’m just going off your application. Maybe it was an accidental wrong click.

Applicant: (Really angry and yelling louder now) I am really insulted with your questions. I’m not the right fit for your organization. I just hope that poor dog finds a home. Have a good day. *Click*

Ummmm, ok. That escalated quickly.

So, I proceed to write a really nice email, suggesting a mistake. In return I was told to watch my tone with people.

During all this madness, I am working on potty training my 3yo Thatcher. He’s afraid of the potty because my 5yo Silas took it upon himself to try and potty train him, and Thatcher fell in. So during this phone conversation, Thatcher runs out front butt naked and pees. I guess it’s better than peeing in a diaper. But I now realize how my dog rescue and fostering has effected my kids. My 3yo thinks he’s a puppy being housebroken. I discovered this morning I’m not infact potty training, but instead housebreaking my child. It’s very possible he’s feral at this point. Anyway, if anyone needs tips on housebreaking a 3yo human, I’m your huckleberry.


3 thoughts on “Can you hear me, Major Tom?”

  1. Omg this is.just to great!!!! I love your honesty and your passion for the fur babies!!!! You are the best!!!!!

  2. I LOVE THIS….You are an honest and truthful women with a heart of gold! Trying your best to raise a family and run an organization in this crazy world we live in today. Stay Strong there’s alot more challenges ahead and you will survive. Frm. One of your followers 😉

  3. Absolutely love your brutal honest…in my opinion, only kind! Makes me feel so much better knowing my house full of boys and dogs are just as crazy! 😂❤️🥴

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